Heath Stroke Club Care Services is a small local charity providing a range of services for stroke survivors and people with physical disabilities.

As well as generating income through self- funding and direct payments, we also rely on donations and other contributions to cover our running costs.

Your donation could help to make a life changing impact for our service users

People who are supported by our services have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Increased physical strength and mobility
  • Increased confidence, self -esteem and motivation
  • Rehabilitation and relearning skills
  • Overcome social isolation
  • Building new social networks
  • Carer respite
  • Reduced the risk of depression and anxiety
  • Increased awareness of factors which contribute to health issues e.g. diet, smoking
  • Have fun and live an active and fulfilled life

Donation can be made using the following link



If you are unable to make an online donation, you can donate either cash or cheques by getting in-touch with us at the club.